by Sivle

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This album is dedicated to Wilbur, the sweetest cat anybody could have ever met.
Over many months of 2016, we gathered in our drummer's basement to goof off, jam, and tighten up the songs that I've been writing. But, mostly goof off. Eventually, we decided that we were sounding decent enough to record an album.
At the beginning of July, our good friend and source of all-powerful wisdom, Joe Wilk helped us record the drum tracks. We set up in a small, concrete-walled room in the basement, and poured hours of work and deafening pounding into all the microphones we could collectively gather, and got a great result.
After that, we brought our amps and all those microphones, brought them in the same small room, and spent the next few weeks recording guitars and bass in any free time we had.
Eventually, the project slowed down, and we were considering dropping the band. But, with just vocals left to do, I was determined to finish the album. So, I borrowed a microphone from the great Craig Tambascio, a music teacher we all know well, and spent a couple of weeks recording vocals in my bedroom, between going to community college classes and working.
After the many accumulated hours I spent recording, I spent even more while I mixed and mastered the album during an already excruciatingly busy schedule. And at the end of October, our album is finally complete.
We are proud of these songs that we wrote and recorded all on our own, and hope that you will enjoy them. I expect more music and more shows to come from us, so keep your eyes open.


Special thanks to Joe Wilk and Craig Tambascio. Without their help and guidance, this album would not have been possible.

The clip at the end of "Bummer" FacialWeight's Jazzy H3H3 Productions theme. Link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTXoKZYrkLg


released November 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Sivle Annapolis, Maryland

We're a couple of kids with big boy dreams.
Nick: guitar/vocals
Max: guitar
Jacob: bass
Tomy: drums and percussion

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Track Name: On the Bench
I've had the fan on for three straight days,
blowing sick thoughts around my brain.
And I've been doing fine, yeah I'm doing okay
sitting in my room, pissing life away, yeah.

I've been doing great staying up at night, watching
streetlights override the sky.
For their place, the stars will fight.
But, the orange haze doesn't seem to mind.

Do you mind?

There's a hole in my wall with glass in place, that I've been
staring out of for three straight days, watching
clouds move faster than life, and watching
my life pass me by.

But, I won't wait for you,
and I won't wait for anybody else.
I'm tired of sitting on the bench.
Track Name: Adrenaline Rush
I haven't slept in three days, and my mind is numb.
I'm out of sheep to count, and my pasture is overrun.
I guess you could call it one hell of an adrenaline rush.
My thoughts are racing far too fast.

Today, I threw out what was left of my past,
ran into the forest and I never looked back.
I have no compass and I follow no map.
Just run on impulse until I crash.

Somewhere in the center of my mind,
my brain fights hard to keep it occupied.
I picture tigers right before my eyes
to conduct the strength to push past the county line.
Track Name: The Fox Den
Let me be at peace, for just a moment and I swear I'll be
rid of the troubles that conquer me.
Just let me be at ease. Just let me be at ease.

Oh, a wonderful frostbite nips at my heels
as I stumble out the door
into a world that is unforgiving,
and troubled evermore.

Yes, I stopped believing in God
quite a long time ago.
'Cause peace is fictitious, and reality is vicious.
I've let all of my hope go.

Oh, that sorrowful fox has crept on me once again
in the middle of the night.
In the midst of an absent dream,
it let its children in my ear,

and unstitched the seams that happiness
long ago had tied.
And I did love it, if only for a moment.
But, the moment has died.
Track Name: Sunrays
Lately I've been forgetting my dreams,
and passing by my daily life as if it were a haze.
I can't afford finer versions of simple things,
and that's just fine with me.

I just wanna go to the beach,
and have the waves wash over me.
I wanna drink coffee with my friends,
and feel internally clean.

I just wanna be happy.
Genuinely happy.
All of these little things that mean so much to me,
they are life's essentials and the world's little gifts to me.

I want sun rays to warm my skin,
and keep the bad thoughts from getting in.
Track Name: Bummer
I think I'll just go home and sit alone in my room,
and think about how I'll never be good enough for you.
letting you down in everything I do.

Ghosts travel in and out of the holes inside my head,
while I move aside all of the things that occupy my bed
and write a list of all of the things i hate about myself.
I'll throw it away and hide my emotions so you'll never be able to tell
that everything i love makes me numb.

everything i love makes me numb.

Sitting here, staring at the wall.
I'm so bored. I wish I had better things to do
than sit alone in my room.
Track Name: Opting Out
I'll hide my face to mask my shame.
I don't have a plan.
Oh, what a foolish man I am.
Where to go when all the doors are closed
on a fervid mind like mine,
that's more or less frivolous half the time?

I'm not sure, not anymore, what I'll do.
There is nobody else, nobody else,
that can understand my panic.
So frantic.

I'll dedicate my life to always opting out
of every challenge I ever face with doubt.
Track Name: Spontaneous Living
I've been spending my time just wasting time.
More or less just passing through my life.
I don't wanna do anything at all.
I won't grow up to be anything at all.

And I guess that's what scares me most;
I always try to move, but never make it far.
I never knew the steps I needed to take.
I never knew much of anything.

Everything is coming much too soon
to know exactly what I need to do.
The only thing I know for sure
is I'm scared as hell of failing now.
Track Name: Paracosm
I can't sit down and wait around
for things to change, but I can't expect things to stay the same.
I burn my lungs and stare at the sky.
I fall apart at my own pace.
I've got a plan and I'll do just fine,
so let me go and get off of my case.

When my eyes are red,
I'm lost in my head.
Figuring things out, or maybe just escaping.

Noises drowning all around me.
Seeing sounds and hearing what I can't see.
Falling away from reality.
Laughing at myself for the thoughts that I think.
Shadows dancing all around me,
from the walls to the carpet to the ceiling.
Feeling my lungs burn and my eyes grow heavy.
I think I'll just sleep.